VAT Refund Consulting

VAT Refund

  • Providing all kinds of consultancy services on VAT Refund, providing VAT refund training, preparing VAT based registration lists, determining the amount of refund, preparation of CFA reports by this department, Certified Financial Accountant (CFA), Independent Accountant and Financial Advisor (CFA), Our experienced staff is meticulously fulfilled.
  • Arrangement of the relations between the taxpayer and the tax office in accordance with the regulations stipulated by the tax administration in the KDV refund process
  • Consultancy service for the solution of problems related to KDV refund and offset transactions of companies
  • The determination of the refund amount and the list of KDV to be deducted from the return lists, the KDV list, the list of sales invoices, the list of customs declarations, the calculation table in the system format and uploading to the system
  • Elimination of deficiencies detected in KDV refund control reports
  • Preparation of special purpose reports to be requested by the tax office
  • Preparation of CFA reports on deferment or refunds within the scope of Inward Processing Permit
  • Providing trainings related to the matters and notifications in each refund type KDV refund, special considerations
  • Providing consulting services to taxpayers subject to special principles